Every family that has ever participated is going to be there except maybe friends who just moved to Montana. 

Save the date for July 30 in Hillsboro, Oregon....at 4400 NW Glencoe Road (Evergreen Christian Center--Thank you).

We also will have virtual participants from Missoula, Montana!


Tenative Schedule:

  • 8:45 Raffle tickets sales & pictures of families with PWS
  • 9:00 Begin walking the grounds (half miles loops)
  • 10:00  Finish walking - Raffle sales
  • 10:30 Thank you's and Raffle Draw
  • 10:45  Clean up 
  • 11:00 Families living with PWS to Diane and Mark's house for lunch/connection/pool time.

Thank you Local Sponsors: Regence Insurance, Providence Insurance, Inland Electric

Thank you National Sponsor: Platt Electric Supply

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Regence Medicare


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